Why should you be "passive no more"? Start Here:

Photo © Lowell Bassett
Photo © Lowell Bassett

Are you in a rut in your personal life? Do you know there's so much more you could accomplish if you could only break out of the default routine of just getting by?

I used to be like that.

My name is Josh, and I've started "Passive No More" because... I want to be passive no more!

You see, I noticed something about myself. When I had a specific job to do (especially with built-in accountability), I was very focused and driven, BUT after the work day ended or the task was complete, much of my drive to accomplish anything (except watching TV) simply dissipated. This was especially true on my days off. I simply had no plan; no drive; no purpose.

Then something clicked. I had an idea; an inspiration that has truly changed my life and is slowly but steadily moving me out of passivity into purposeful living.

"Passive No More" exists to help people break free from passivity and play an active role in their own life.

Our tag line, “10 Days To Purposeful Living” means meaningful life change can happen to YOU - right now, starting TODAY. For details on the 10-Day Challenge, read our first blog: “What Robs You Of Courage?”

Our first blog explains and illustrates the 10-Day Challenge, BUT for those of you who just want the cut and dry structure, with limited explanation, here it is:

  1. Identify your greatest struggle. What do you like the least about your habits and behavior?

  2. Choose a daily action, related to that struggle, that you believe you can actually do.

  3. Commit to executing that action for 10 consecutive days.

  4. Set up a daily reminder so you don't forget. VERY IMPORTANT.

  5. Celebrate your SUCCESS at the end of day 10 because you just did something on purpose and with purpose.

Repeat this process with a DIFFERENT action related to the same or a different struggle. If you want to, you can continue the daily action from your previous challenge, but you don't have to – it's totally up to you.

Remember, building willpower takes time; the 10-Day Challenge simply proves to you that you have what it takes. If that's hard for you to believe, read Blog #2: “The Myth Of Willpower.”

Here's to purposeful living. I hope you accept the 10-Day Challenge and become Passive No More!

Feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas you have. My personal e-mail is jmstewart82@gmail.com.